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Mission Support Services

We provide support services to companies, organisations and individuals operating in hostile environments or remote places. We will create safe conditions, reaching out to local partners and key stakeholders, fostering a culture of compliance and resilience in existing organizations, solving crisis situations, applying special-technology solutions and training personnel.


We provide at our training centres military and police courses. Further we specialize in safety; leadership; extreme sports and outdoor activities; off-season training for high performance athletes and other tailored programes for individuals, corporates and public entities. For additional information, please contact us at

Cyber Security

We offer protection of web-based information and investigation services in cases of cyberattacks.

Citizen Security

We provide personal protection to individuals and groups in cities across the world. For additional information, please contact us at:


We provide a wide range of consulting services including but not limited to crisis management; special security diagnosis; risk assessment; auditing; image protection; competitive intelligence and safety and risk management. Our clients include individuals, corporates, government organizations and public entities.


Our specialised staff manage integrated technology and security projects. We offer security and control access software and equipment, artificial intelligence, use of drones and image scanning and analysis.

Business Intelligence

Through outline strategies and technology, we provide companies with the necessary tools to analyze and process business-related information. Our services include assessment and interpretation of data, together with behavior forecasting models.

Custody and Security

We recruit, train and certify specialized personnel to operate in diverse scenarios across the globe. We provide customized training programes for security teams. Our highly trained teams offer state of the art training in management and supervision.

Risk consultancy

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Our experts have more than 20 years of operational experience in complex and hostile environments.