Dark Star Group has a management team of highly qualified and experienced fire safety trainers, fire incident managers and former UK fire service senior officers. They have accumulated service of seventy years within the UK fire service, forty on the operational front line and twenty-five years training fellow fire fighters. We offer a comprehensive range of services on Safety Training and Consultancy.

Dark Star Group’s fire safety operational management has previously:

  • Been responsible for the management of a UK regional Fire Service with an £80 M yearly budget.
  • Taught at the UK Fire Services National College, including writing and updating course material.
  • Directed and evaluated within the UK Registrar of Skilled Persons (ROSP) Fire Risk Assessors Scheme.
  • Chaired the Chief Fire Officers Association - Wales Fire Safety Committee, setting policy and standards of enforcement throughout the Region.
  • Represented the Institution of Fire Engineers in conjunction with the Bahrain Institute of Engineers.
  • Dark Star Group is able to offer UK government regulated accreditation through awarding bodies including the Chartered Institute of Environment Health, Industry Qualifications and High-field.